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Visitation Parish

Project Description
Visitation includes a Catholic Church and school. The first goal of the web site redesign was to keep it current. Visitation suffered from a common problem in volunteer organizations. One volunteer, with technical ability, had the responsibility for maintaining the site. The church was dependent on that one volunteer to have time to make changes, and the volunteer was dependent on a variety of other staff members and volunteers to provide him with content.

The solution to this problem was to make almost all of the content “database driven.” While the look and feel of the site was controlled, the content was provided directly by the staff and volunteers. They simply filled out some straightforward web forms and the content was instantly updated. They are able to make changes at their convenience from church, school or home.

We even carried it a few steps further. Not only can they update the pages dynamically by updating the database, they can create all new pages and even modify the site navigation. We held training sessions where we taught staff members and volunteers exactly how to fill out the web forms. The results have been beyond expectations. By distributing the responsibilities, the content is not only current, but there is much more of it as well.

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