Cost Cutting

Making money and becoming profitable is the reason companies exist. You can make more money OR you can save it. With the Internet you can do both!
If you have a Web presence, a customer can see your company's brochure or catalog without waiting for a delivery service. If a price or phone number changes, it only takes a few keystrokes to implement the change. Generally it can happen within 24 hours and at a fraction of the cost of reprinting and redistribution. Can you say that about your current catalog or price list?
Need to get a document to someone fast? Simply e-mail or ftp it to them. We routinely send photos, copy, animations, etc. over the Internet. This saves our clients hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars as well as a lot of time.
The Internet not only helps avoid overnight shipping charges and saves on postage expenses but you will also save money on your telephone bill. We find e-mail efficient because we can send messages when we are thinking about a particular project. No more phone tag!
In addition, your Web Site is a 24-hour, 365 day a year employee who doesn't require benefits. No sick days, no health insurance, no social security payments, and no 401K. JUST WORK! If you don't like the job description, change it. This treasured employee will switch from sales and marketing to data processing to customer service and back again without complaint.

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